Teach children and teens mindfulness and meditation!

The Connected Kids™ Programme

I teach children and teens mindfulness and meditation having trained with The Connected Kids™ programme. This was founded by Lorraine E Murray, an international meditation trainer with many years of teaching experience and a specialist in teaching meditation to kids with Specialist Educational Needs. 

I found my training with the Connected Kids™ programme has changed my teaching of children and young people  for the better and also improved my parenting style. Therefore I undertook to become a Connected Kids™ trainer in order to teach the programme. I look forward to sharing how I integrate the training into my everyday teaching and parenting with you.

Two levels of Connected Kids™ training

Foundation level course manual. Calm Kids book by Lorraine E. Murray

Foundation Level

This 1 day workshop (day 1 of the professional level) trains you to support the mental health of your own children, those of family/friends and those with whom you work. For more details see Foundation Level

Professional Level

This 3 day training course, plus coursework element, trains you to become a certified teacher of meditation for kids. For more details see Professional Level Connected Kids™ TrainingProfessional level course manual. Connected Kids by Lorraine E. Murray





Training takes place in Nottingham. However,  in-house bookings are available if there is sufficient interest within your organisation. For more information regarding this please get in touch here

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