Online training to become a Certified Professional Kids Meditation Teacher – Pro-Upgrade


This page is for online professional training only. You can sign up for the pro-upgrade or the full professional course (foundation + pro-upgrade) on this page by clicking on the PRO Training Book Here! tab below. 
The foundation course is suitable for those who wish to teach their own children, those of family and friends, or the kids with whom they work. It is also the first step in the full professional training. For more information on the foundation course, including dates, or if you wish to sign up for the foundation course only then please click here. 


2023 online classroom dates


PRO-UPGRADE: Saturdays:  10 June, 8 July, 5 August 2023

Each session lasts 2 1/2 – 3 hours approx. and starts at 9.30am (UTC +1)


Dates not convenient?  Drop us an email, click here for contact details, and ask to be added to our mailing list to receive notifications of new dates/offers, etc as they are published. 

Course fees 

Pro-upgrade: £680 


Payment plan: see details below


PRO Training Book Here!



Course Requirements

– You have completed Connected Kids™ Foundation level in the last 12 months. Foundation level dates are usually scheduled 3-4 weeks in advance of the first Pro-upgrade session. For more information on the Foundation training, including dates, please click here.

– You need a copy of Connected Kids by Lorraine E. Murray.


Course Details

Using live online Zoom style sessions and self-study modules, this certified online professional kids’ meditation teacher course offers you the opportunity to study at a time to suit your schedule – using informative videos, mindful activity recordings and includes reading material offline. It includes expert tips and ideas for working with autism, ADHD and reducing anxiety using mindfulness. Access to a printer is needed as resources are sent via email. 
You’ll advance your skill set via our online training to learn how to teach mindful techniques that also work well with kids/teens who have special educational needs or challenging behaviour through trauma (SEN).
The online modules have been created by Founder of Connected Kids™, Lorraine E Murray (with over 30 years’ experience) and the direct, live online Zoom style training will be delivered by me, Tara Russo, Connected Kids™ trainer and founder of Wellbeing For Kids UK. You will have the benefit of two experts guiding your learning in how to develop a meditation toolkit that is perfect for teaching professionally – with children and teens of all abilities.
 Connected Kids™  courses are accredited to IMMA  the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance

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You will learn how to help children and teens reduce stress, anxiety and develop their self-regulation and emotional resilience skills using mindful activities
The Certified Online Professional Kids Meditation Teacher Course includes:
  • Self-directed study – 8 professional level modules packed with all Lorraine Murray’s experience, research and tips.
  • Direct Zoom style trainingattend 3 live, online classrooms with me, Connected Kids Trainer™ Tara Russo and founder of Wellbeing For Kids UK, and other students (small groups). These are usually spaced at monthly intervals.  The online classrooms are run over Google Meet, which is like Zoom. You do not need a Google account to attend.  There will be a break during the sessions. Access to a printer is needed for the online course as we will send out the resources via email.
  • Assessment– gain practical experience through completion of  a comprehensive assessment  to attain the Connected Kids™ Tutor certificate
  • You will receive access to additional online resources and an invitation to join the large private Facebook group whose members offer a wealth of support and expertise.


Professional Training syllabus

  • Discover how meditation and mindfulness can help children with ADHD or autism or other special needs.Kids in yoga poses
  • Explore a wide range of mindfulness and meditation techniques and apply these to accommodate different abilities/needs in children/teens.
  • Learn how to set up a meditation programme for teaching children professionally
  • Learn how to teach children meditation who have ADHD, on the Autistic spectrum or have additional support needs.
  • Learn how to support the families of those with children with special needs
  • Develop a ‘meditation toolkit’ that can structure bespoke sessions (mandalas, mudras, labyrinths, crystals/stones, colour, day-to-day objects)
  • Learn how to work more intuitively with a heartfelt practice
  • tips for teaching kids/teens who don’t want to learn meditation!
  • Understand the energy centres and the role they play when teaching meditation
  • Learn about which mindful activities are safe to use with different needs.
  • Understand how to help young people process strong reactions to meditation

Self-Study Module Details

The certified online professional kids meditation teachers training offers 33 hours of online material and provides you with a detailed and interactive experience if your passion is to become a successful, professional kids’ meditation teacher:
  • Module 1 – your ‘peace pioneer’ skills – helping you work with the challenges of teaching meditation to kids on a professional basis.
  • Module 2 – developing energy awareness to teach meditation to ensure that you and the children you teach benefit from your skills while accommodating contraindications.
  • Module 3 – teaching with the intuitive heart to deliver meditations with compassion and understanding of the child’s needs.  Girl using a labyrinth as a mindful tool.
  • Module 4 – child development and special needs – our speciality! What we love to teach.
  • Module 5 – enhancing your teaching meditation skills – stretching your abilities so you can realise your true potential.
  • Module 6 – developing your teaching mindfulness toolkit to ensure you can reach children of all ages and abilities.
  • Module 7 – teaching advanced, mindful activity tools for children with challenging behaviours/trauma.
  • Module 8 – developing bespoke meditation programmes to meet the needs of your organisation or community.
  • access to the online classroom with me,  Connected™ Kids trainer, Tara Russo, to secure your certification and ask the expert

Training costs – kids’ meditation teacher

The cost of the pro-upgrade training is £680. Payment is by bank transfer only. You will receive payment details by email when you sign up by completing the online application form. Click on the book here tab at the top of the page to access the online booking form.


Payment Plan available:

Secure your place for the Pro-Upgrade/Full Professional course (foundation + pro-upgrade) with the deposit of £350. The balance will be payable in two further instalments, the first a month after your deposit is received, the second a month after that. Details will be sent by email upon booking. Please see terms and conditions regarding payment plans.
The deposit/full balance needs to be paid 28 days before the first live online classroom session. This is to allow us the time to register you with Connected Kids™, for you to source the text book (details above) and to complete the reading and modules to be discussed in the first online classroom. To book click on the book here tab at the top of the page to access the online booking form.


Certification – what does it involve?

  • To receive Connected Kids Tutor certification, you will have the  opportunity to attend live, online classroom sessions with Connected Kids™ Trainer and founder of Wellbeing For Kids UK, Tara Russo
  • Group size will be small to ensure there is a good teacher to student ratio.
  • The live classroom will be at  specific times. **You must commit to attend at these times**
  • There will be some prep work for the online classroom sessions.
  • You’ll be asked to complete assessment workdesigned to support your practical skills and mentor you through your  teaching practice. These include
    • case studies (5 x group and  5 x 1-2-1 sessions),
    • audio/video recording of delivering a meditation to children,
    • essay,
    • **police/disclosure check
    • written test.
  • Assessment deadline:  you have 12 months from the final day of the course/online classroom to complete the assessment work. If you feel you will not be able to complete the assessment work within 12 months you need to submit a request for a 1-2-1 with me before the 12 months is up in order to be given an extension of a further 12 months. The current 1-2-1 fee is £99.  Failure to do this will mean you will have to sit a refresher course at further cost. 
**Disclosure/criminal record checks (or equivalent);  we need to see a copy of a basic disclosure check (or equivalent in your country, officially translated into English, if need be) to confirm that you have a clear history with no criminal charges at the time your disclosure certificate was issued (date valid within 18 months of the last online classroom of the Connected Kids training). We will arrange a Zoom call so that we can see your document, along with a form of ID (passport, driving licence, etc). Please do not send us an image of it.
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