Professional Level Connected Kids™ Training (3 days) – train to become a Certified Professional Kids Meditation Teacher 
You can train to become a certified Kids (and Teens) Meditation teacher through our Connected Kids™ Programme 

If you want to join our growing community of successful and compassionate Kids Meditation Teachers, then book in for this certified training course:

    • an exciting toolkit of mindful activities that help you to successfully teach children (of all ages and abilities).
    • training to develop advanced skills for teaching mindful meditation that supports kids who have
    • special educational needs
    • specialist tools to help you direct your skills and gain the confidence to teach in your community.
    • worldwide certification to gain insurance to teach meditation professionally.
    • support to develop your professional plan to teach kids mindfulness in your community

  • learn to work intuitively and compassionately to support young people of all ages and abilities.
  • You will receive a copy of Connected Kids by Lorraine E. Murray.

It is recommended if you want to successfully teach children and teens meditation professionally through:

  • schools,
  • local youth groups,
  • privately to set up your own teaching kids programme
  • working 121 with children or teens
  • as part of your current profession (school teachers, learning assistants, therapists, yoga teachers).

This award winning programme was founded by, Lorraine E Murray, an expert in the field of teaching meditation who regularly speaks on mindfulness summits, has trained students internationally and is the successful author of over 30,000 books sold to help kids learn meditation.

Professional level - girl using a labyrinth as a mindful tool.As a certified Kids Meditation Teacher,  this course gives you the skills to work 1-2-1 with families and children offering a Connected Kids mindfulness session for a child and their support group.

Our commitment to you… you’ll have peace of mind as we run small training sessions (maximum of 10 students to 1 trainer) to ensure you feel fully supported during this experience.

You will feel supported – through exclusive lifetime access to online resources and a community of fellow kids meditation teachers offering ideas and good practice.

Professional Certification

After the training you will have 12 months to complete practical assessment workdesigned to build your confidence and mentor you through your  teaching practice. This includes

  • case studies (5 x group and  5 x 1-2-1 sessions),
  • audio/video recording of delivering a meditation to children,
  • essay,
  • *police/ DBS check
  • written test.

*DBS/criminal record checks (or equivalent);  we require a copy of a basic disclosure check (or equivalent in your country) to confirm that you have a clear history with no criminal charges at the time your disclosure certificate was issued (certificate date must be valid within 18 months of the Connected Kids training).

After you have qualified you will be able to approach insurers to be covered. For example, Balens covers Connected Kids™ Tutors as well as Westminster Insurance.

During the training you will cover

everything in the Foundation Level plus you will…

  • Explore a wide range of mindfulness and meditation techniques and apply these to accommodatedifferent abilities/needs in children/teens.
  • Learn how to set up a meditation programme for teaching children professionally
  • Learn how to teach children meditation who have ADHD, on the Autistic spectrumor have additional support needs.
  • Learn how to support the families of those with children with special needs
  • Develop a ‘meditation toolkit’ that can structure bespoke sessions (mandalas, mudras, labyrinths, Professional level - Kids in yoga posescrystals/stones, colour, day-to-day objects)
  • Learn how to work more intuitively with a compassionate practice
  • learn tips for teaching kids/teens who don’t want to learn meditation!
  • Understand the energy centres and the role they play when teaching meditation
  • Learn about which mindful activities are safe to use with different needs.
  • Understand how to help young people process strong reactions to meditation
  • be certified so you can teach professionally (upon completion of coursework)

This 3-day course (9.30am to 5pm approx.) runs in Nottingham. The cost is £894. (If you have already completed the Foundation level within the last 12 months then the upgrade cost is £695.)

Our commitment to you… you’ll have peace of mind as we run small training groups to ensure you feel fully supported during this experience.

Course dates 

All courses are currently online on Zoom. Please see online course dates here

If you have further questions or wish to book please click here for contact.



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