1-2-1 Mindfulness and Meditation course


During this 6 week course I teach your child mindfulness and meditation techniques. These promote relaxation and help your child to process and deal with negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, general negativity and low self-esteem. The course is tailored to the needs of your individual child. We meet once a week, I get to know your child and create mindful meditations specifically for them, rooted in their interests so that they have optimum benefit and plan mindful activities geared towards your child’s preferences, sometimes including their toys, gadgets and/or trinkets according to their wishes. Between meetings I ask your child to practise the techniques taught. The idea is that your child uses these techniques on a daily basis. I also teach mindful first-aid techniques to be used in times of high stress/emotional upset. At the end of the course your child will have established a mindful practice that will stand them in good stead for life. They will have the confidence to face situations that they might have found overwhelming.

Meetings are generally run online via Zoom but in some circumstances can happen in person. Contact us for more details on 1-2-1 sessions here


Exam Confidence course – years 10 and 11


Connect your teen (years 10 and 11) to exam confidence! Would you like your teen to
* better manage anxiety and overwhelm?
* have greater focus?
* be better organised?
* have a more positive outlook?
* have greater belief in their own ability?
* have a greater understanding of just how brilliant they are?

If so this online group Exam Confidence Course via Zoom is for you. The group will have 1 online meeting per week led by me (5 in total) plus exercises to work on between sessions. Group size will be limited so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Be in touch with me to find out the starting date of the next course.

Revision tips, gained over 25 years of teaching experience, and mindfulness techniques to combat stress and build confidence will be the main focus of our weekly online group sessions.

Courses for schools and organisations 

To discuss the needs of your school or organisation’s bespoke program and get a quote contact us here.

These programs will be tailored to the needs of the children within your group. The focus could be e.g. improving emotional intelligence, boosting self-esteem and behaviour modification amongst other possibilities – we would discuss your needs before creating a bespoke program. They can be an 8, 10 or 12 week program. They involve a variety of activities: breathing techniques, mindful listening, making or creating sounds, mindful colouring and mindful meditations, basic movement and yoga. Children have felt cheery, more relaxed, more positive, and happier and refreshed after attending my group sessions.

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