Me Time! Support for Adult Mental Wellbeing

What’s it about?

I am currently feeling the strong need to help support adult mental wellbeing, due to the year that we have all been having. Also if I support adults’ mental health I’m indirectly supporting kids’ mental health – positive adults have a positive impact on kids. I have devised a 4 week group program called Me Time! I chose the picture above as it was from a beautiful day looking out from Bamburgh Castle early September and I certainly felt uplifted and at peace at that spectacular view. 

With the intention to add some cheer and lift adults’ spirits Me Time! includes 4 online Zoom sessions, each lasting approximately an hour.  It is inspired by many of the adults I know feeling anxious, fearful, having trouble sleeping and I wanted to do something to help.  We will practice some relaxing breathing techniques, I will lead you in guided meditation and we will do some mindful colouring. You will have the opportunity to record the guided meditations during the session but the discussion time will remain private within the group.

When is it happening and for how long?

The course will run on Wednesday evenings, starting on 2 December from 19.30 until 20.30 approx., depending on group contributions.


What is the theme for each week?

Session 1 – Dec 2 : Bye bye perfection, hello good enough! We’re so preoccupied with being perfect and we often give ourselves a hard time when we are human. This session will focus on kindness to self. 


Session 2 – Dec 9 :  Managing worries. We all have worries, this year for some even more so. We will work on how to let these go/park them so we can have a rest from them. 


Session 3- Dec 16 . Love of self.  Our focus will be on how we can appreciate ourselves more and how this will ripple out and have a positive effect on those around us. 


Session 4- Dec 23 . Festive cheer and gratitudeWhen we are grateful this encourages a positive mind set. Who doesn’t need a positivity injection after the year we have all had? 


What do I need to bring? 

Some crayons or felt tips and some paper to draw on/take notes of any insights will be needed. There will be at least one sheet to print out too. A glass of water is always beneficial too. 

How much does it cost?

The course is excellent value at £60 and the intention is that you’ll feel lighter, cheerier and more chilled for Christmas. Who doesn’t fancy a bit of that after this year? 

How can I book? 

To book, please click here for the booking form and payment details Me Time!

Please bear in mind

We will start the session promptly. If you miss a session there will not be any catch ups so your full commitment to the course will ensure maximum benefit to you. 

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