“Tara took my 6 year old son for 1-2-1 sessions. He had 3 sessions in total, at first he wasn’t the most willing, but with Tara’s calm and patient approach he engaged in the next 2 sessions. I have noticed him doing techniques that Tara has taught him to do if he feels cross and can now calm himself down..(although I haven’t mentioned it to him because I know he will stop doing it!!) Thank you for all your time and patience I really appreciated it. I would definitely recommend Tara xx”

Sarah, year 6 teacher

“Tara helped a group of my Year 6 children to overcome anxiety with her mindfulness techniques and meditations. They have found the sessions incredibly useful whereby they were able to talk about their worries and how best to deal with such things. Many of their anxious thoughts would manifest at night and these children were not able to ‘switch off’ from the stresses and strains of being a child at the top end of Key Stage 2 – exam stress, growing up, leaving school, fear of the dark, fear of change etc were just a few of their worries. Tara helped them with, conjuring up scenarios of positivity that calmed their minds. They still use their new-found skills today.
In this modern society it is important to keep our minds healthy. Tara’s sessions should be on the school curriculum.

Jackie Wilson, founder of Empower Education

“Wow what an amazing 9 weeks at Pear Tree Juniors working with children who struggle socially, academically and emotionally. It has been an absolute joy to work with the wonderful Tara at she has been an amazing support in the programme and we left today buzzing having spent the last two weeks doing 1-1s with the children to embed their learning, directly let them know how amazing they are, and gain some valuable feedback from them on how the programme has helped them. Many of them really appreciated learning about the brain and how emotions and thoughts are created, discovering the beautiful truth of who they are and gaining a toolkit of techniques to navigate their emotions/experiences more easily.”


“He has learned and practised lots of useful techniques for his emotional first aid kit. I think he has relaxed well during the guided meditations. The sessions were tailored to his individual needs/likes and he has learned lots of useful techniques for taking forward in life”


“I think having the ability to have a ‘go to’ practice like breathing exercises is very powerful and although this can be taught at home the focus the kids have with Tara certainly makes a huge difference”


“Tara did 6 sessions for my son who is 10 and he loved it. He asked if she could keep coming forever! He learnt to meditate, going from a couple of minutes to being able to do 10 minutes. I was amazed how well he took to meditation and we still try and have a regular meditation practice. He really liked the science background to the brain and learning about how the monkey brain works and how to control it. He also enjoyed making drawings and diagrams of what he learned and they are also up in his room. My son has ASD and struggles with self-esteem, occasional anxiety, managing anger and understanding/communicating emotions.”

What the children had to say

Definitely it is really good. It has helped me a lot. The thing I liked best was the bubble. Tara has helped me so much now I can get to sleep and not worry as much. Thank you Tara!

Yes! I really enjoyed these sessions. It really helped me get over my worried and think of happy things not bad things. I think Tara is amazing because she helped me so much.

It helps so much because it takes you to a happy place. Thank you Tara

“After my sessions I felt a lot calmer, happier in general and emotionally stronger. My self-esteem feels quite a bit greater”

I would recommend Wellbeing for Kids UK’s sessions to a friend because…

” it was enjoyable, calming and fun!”

“it makes me feel resilient and reflective. The breathing exercises make me feel great!”

“it provides you with good tips going into exam time and to generally feel better”

“it has made me happier and more positive”

How I felt after the guided meditations…

“happy, relaxed, safe, comfortable, calm, positive, refreshed, clearer minded”

“happy, giggly, relaxed, safe, comfortable, calm, cheerful, positive and refreshed”


Feedback on adult courses

“What an amazing experience! Tara was inspirational!”

“I would recommend this course because of the experience of learning in the small group”

“I was surprised at how different delivering to children can be”

“Having attended Connected kids level 1 foundation course today with Tara, I left with practical ideas for un-scripted meditations I can use with my children, I enjoyed the small-group setting and felt comfortable sharing my ideas. Tara herself has a calm, relaxed approach and helped make the day flow smoothly. I also had some of my own perceptions challenged/shifted which will really help me move forward. The venue was easy to find and a lovely, serene room with bright natural light. Thank you.” Leanne Bright.

“I would recommend this course to individuals wanting a more in-depth awareness of meditation”

“Tara was a delight to listen to. Very easy to be open and honest with her”






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